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On theinside, older people still "think young". Who is the rumored girlfriend of takaki yuya?

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No age is too old for a diaper, it just goes by if you need one or not. Most 20 yr olds push through aninjury and keep on working, but old injuries can flare up when youage over 50, 60, 70, etc.

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This answer was kindly dedicated to Lazarus Does takaki yuya have a girlfriend? How old is old?

Why do we get old?

Sometimes it is too vague an adjective, as in"old car" which could mean 5 years old or 50 and "old building" 20 years old or years. It can also mean previous,or superseded e. Wellwe get old because we take in to much oxygen.

Old can be a negativeattribute old shoes, old roof or a positive attribute old coins,antique furniture. Older people may have more aches and pains,and difficulties with activities, especially if they had priorinjuries.

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It may be safe to breed from a six year old female, but no older. Old is an adjective that can mean not new, or for people andanimals nonspecifically elderly, aged. How old do you have to be to be old? A lifetime of small injuries twists; sprainslarger injuries like broken bonesaccidents whiplashillnesses, conditions,diseases, etc.

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Some people might consider themselves as old when they experiencehealth problems at an age they feel is old. The human heart, just like the lungs gets weary and tired after many years of pumping and can build up dangerous ammounts of cholesterol and shut down.

As with every generation, just live your life as fullyas you can at all ages! Their is simply many ways the human body can come to a demise, depending on the individual and their physical history.

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For most people, the biological changes feel surprising. Teeth used over a lifetime begin to fail; some people needdentures.

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Subjectively, someone can be "old" if they are part of anearlier generation. In the US, "senior citizens" usually applies to thoseeligible for Social Security payments and Medicare coverage, aroundthe age of 65 to During the aging process, people who are healthy can stillgenerally do most of the same things they did when young, includingphysical activities.

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Skin loses elasticity and becomesdrier, making older people begin to show more wrinkles. To kids, all adults may seem old. How old does a religion have to be to be considered 'old'?

The current rocks known as OldHarry and his wife are a few centuries old, with Harry's original"wife" having collapsed in For things, a person may consider them old when they are obsolete,or when they were built or constructed before he or she was born.

The Old Harry Rocks are part of a chalk band that is around 65million years old.

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Personally though, i would consider a religion old if it was more than the chirstian religion How old is to old for a dog to have puppies? Men and womenoften put on more weight. The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and just not think about your age.

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Getting older happens to everyone, starting as a newborn! Then our lungs get to tired and fail to pump oxygen and co2 carbon dioxide round our bodies.

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Its how YU define it. Those are the people that I wouls say can call themselves old. People whoworshiped the sun as a teenager often have drier and damaged skin.

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An person could call themselves old when they been through alot in life and they have seen too much in life. For example, Zoroatrian is a very old religion.

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Multiple problems throughout your lifecatch up with you in older years, even for active seniors. Many human beings pass due to their own abuse on the human body, as in smoking, drinking ect.

There is no clear answer, some youngins are old and some oldins are young.