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He states that when it comes to expressing feelings: Still we can learn to recognise and translate this non-verbal behaviour.

When someone is lying, we get the feeling that something is not right through his behaviour. How we feel about the other person is even more difficult to make clear.

We call this analogue language. An example of the latter: Through our words we give signals that indicate how we view the other person as well as how he should interpret our message.

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How do we find the right words to express what we feel, without goras ghee online dating the other person's feelings?

The latter could be the evidence that this body language is taught rather than innate. When the words or signals that we use to communicate do not bear any resemblance with what it denotes, we call this digital language.

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Words for example can come across a lot tougher than they are meant to. So the digital spoken language is limited, which is why we need the more analogue body language so much in our communication. It could be that we have already noticed so many times that body zakelijk flirten lichaamstaal kat gives more of a hold-on than words, which makes us automatically doubt the words when they do not correspond to the non-verbal signals.

Even our very presence conveys a message. Many body signals are not universal.

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Since the left side of the brain deals with the language of words and is less suitable for putting the images from the right side of the brain into words, it is very difficult for us to put in words the impressions of body behaviour of other people.

It is not so easy for us to express only in words exactly what we mean. The right side of the brain deals with the more instinctive processes among other things, which are coupled with the recognition of total images the analogue language. Relational level Content however is not the only thing that we convey through communication.

The word clock for example has nothing to do with time. Meta communication means communicating about the communication itself. For example pointing at your watch has something to do with time.

The function of body language within our daily contacts

Most people are not very aware of their body language. Looking at someone for example means something completely different than not looking at someone. Why is the role of body language so large comparatively speaking? First of all it is good to realise that we do not talk continuously, but do give out signals continuously through body language when we are in someone else's company. - Lebisol

In any case, the impressions that someone gives based on his body language are believed sooner than what he says about his feelings. This is the content of the conversation. We always use body language! For example you do not say to someone easily that you do not like him or her, but through body language you can show them clearly.

In the most European countries and America for example, people shake their head when they mean no and nod when they mean yes, but there are cultures, for example in India or in Greece, where they mean the opposite - up and down means no and shaking means yes.

Oomkes Communication control is important. Furthermore it is useful to look at the different levels on which we communicate.

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It is not easy to express these feelings in words and the assumed meaning is not easy to prove. The understanding of emotions that are expressed via body language is probably also hereditary.

Spoken language and body language go mostly hand in hand. Hereby what is being expressed can be recognised in the gesture or signal itself, without having to learn this or having to agree on it especially.

At relational level we express how we relate to the receiver of the message and what the message means.

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According to Oomkes the reason for this is the fact that digital and analogue language are processed in the left and right side of the brain respectively. Hereby attention for your own body language is also important. For the most part we communicate on the content as well as relational level at the same time.

It is usually the easiest to convey the content of a message through spoken language or commonly understood gestures. For expressing feelings and relations, the aforementioned digital language is quite inadequate.

Body language often just leaves an unclear feeling behind with the receiver. Meta communication Through communicating on a relational level, we can clarify the meaning of a message or even our relation with the other person. How you come across, is not only determined by the words you speak.

This can take place with or without words. Apart from seeing what time it is on a watch, we can use it to give a signal that can be understood by everyone, without having to agree on it.

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Results in Dutch language We always use body language. Hereditary or taught at a young age The fact that body language is granted such a high reliability value might be due to the fact that a lot of non-verbal behaviour is hereditary or is taught to everyone in the same way at a very young age.

Content level Of course we are talking about something when we talk to other people.