Zheng Shuang Felt Inferior While Dating Hans Zhang | globicate.com Zheng Shuang Felt Inferior While Dating Hans Zhang | globicate.com

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She plays a fox demon. It is still after his break up with Zheng Shuang though. Both have been getting a lot of flak and unfair bashing from haters.

Ex-Couple Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang to Collaborate in Upcoming Drama | globicate.com

Happy birthday to the little fairy! When I have saved enough money. No, I think I should just do what I can. Enough to open my own shop. It takes as easy as one comment about feeling sorry for her to spark all sorts of arguments and criticisms between the fans of all parties involved.

Zhang han & Zheng shuang 翰爽所有吻戏集合

The timing is pretty damning. For Zheng Shuang, whatever makes her happy is fine with me though it will take me awhile to get used to her new face. Do you understand the rules of the industry?

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So he had to think a lot about to reveal relationship with ZJ. At least overseas netizens are more kind and understanding n Loading Zheng Shuang openly talked about her relationship with Zhang Han and her recent plastic surgery rumors.

People are gonna hate esp considering all the drama from last year.

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I have no problems with plastic surgery, for stars or regular folks. I Wish disyuntiva definicion yahoo dating both happiness together! They will jump to protect ZS because some folks, non-fans, have dragged her into this already.

Both have since starred in quite a few other dramas together but each time they were asked both just laughed it off and said they were just good friends and co-stars.

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Can someone tell me more about him like his personality and habit? And in this case, objectively I thought she looked cute before, but more sophisticated now. Trust me when I say C-actresses have been confronted at press conferences about having a totally new face and flat out denied any plastic surgery with usual bullshit like the camera angles and losing weight to name a few — Yang Mi, Yuan Shan Shan, Angelababy.

I think chinese public angry with him because of his attitude. Hhhhmm, I wonder if a long term commitment is coming up soon?

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If I was at that press conference I would have stood up and applauded her candor and balls, and then wept little happy tears to have confirmation that the cuteness that is the HanShuang couple is in fact a reality. Why are you curious about cosmetic surgery?

I totally never bought that. I read news saying they stayed in a hotel together last year for a week. Calling him a playboy is rediculous when he stayed with the same girl for 5 years.

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I think it is something that can be talked about openly. But no one in the industry would willingly admit to getting cosmetic surgery.

Zhang Han romantically confirms dating news with Guli Nazha | A Virtual Voyage

LOL, I actually can see that. Actually, when these types of ideas flashes in your mind, you become curious and want to try it out. But thats all in the past… hope this time, his relationship is everlasting… Loading People need to move on and stop obsessing on the past. Normally press conferences are the usual canned questions about the drama with some personal questions tossed in though no one really expects the actors to answer truthfully.

Zheng Shuang Felt Inferior While Dating Hans Zhang

Are you curious about how you would appear after? The above two pictures are Zheng Shuang at the Ancient Sword Fantasy press conference, and her character official still for the drama.

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Hope this time he can handle since he announce by himself, he must face the hard time for sure whether before announcing or after announcing. I think this is something that can be talked about openly.

C-actress Zheng Shuang Drops Double Shocker: Dating Hans Zhang and Admits Plastic Surgery

For a long time, I thought badly of him. I believe fans are angry because he moved on very fast after saying that he will always love ZS. ZS received a lot of negativity because she was the one doing the break up.