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Zyxel pla4231 validating identity problem, troubleshooting

17 PLA4231 Access and Login Problems

You won't see a single ATT network while using the Zyxel. The password "" is actually used to access the Zyxel's GUI; it's not the wifi password.

Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. You will receive the manual in your email within minutes. Therefore, avoid filling in personal details.

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The access point is still a part of your network, even if it has a different SSID. I used to the DAK off the to no avail.

Zyxel PLA4231 Powerline WiFi Extender Problems

Promotion of regulated goods and services Other To achieve meaningful questions, we apply the following rules: The manual is 4,05 mb in size. Do I use the name as the pw? I occasionally see a 'quick death' in a few days or a week, and then sometimes electrical storms knock them out. My setup worked fine for a couple of days thanks to BuddhaSkoota and was a simple powerline uhgpga yahoo dating to uverse gateway, powerline to second powerline hard wired to STB, and powerline to powerline wireless extender.

We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Can anyone please help?!?! We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence.

ZyXEL PLA | User Guide

The manual is sent by email. English as an attachment in your email. This device does not act as a repeater, so it doesn't repeat the wifi signal of your ATT router.

It is actually acting as a separate access point with its own SSID and password. You might experiment plugging units into different rooms or the same room - not network connected, just plug them in to see if they recognize each other.

You can always change the SSID from Zyxel to the name of your current network if you wish, but it doesn't change the behavior of your network if the names are completely different or exactly the same.

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While repeaters seem to extend your network with the same SSID, they can actually have a detrimental effect on wifi speeds. Personal or private information For example, a credit card number, a personal identification number, or an unlisted home address.

When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action.

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In addition, it may be that your ISP may have a maximum size for emails to receive. Moral of the story - at least in my house with my wiring, powerline adatpters are not compatible with uverse.

ZyXEL PLA Default Router Login and Password

So you shouldn't worry about seeing two different wifi networks actually access points. You will be able to move from one wifi covered area to another and your devices will automatically connect to the strongest signal. When I removed the powerline, tv was fine. Then, for no reason, I couldn't get a tv signal anywhere in the house - had terrible noise readings according to the tech.

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Repeaters are actually inferior to access points, since they have the effect of halving wifi throughput. Check your email If you have not received an email with the manual within fifteen minutes, it may be that you have a entered a wrong email address or that your ISP has set a maximum size to receive email that is smaller than the size of the manual.

Your question is posted on this page Would you like to receive an email when new answers and questions are posted? My MAC does show up, but I can only modify the name. Then maybe check on the TV's 'noise level'. Sep 7,3: Spam Hateful or violent content For example, Anti-Semitic content, racist content, or material that could result in a violent physical act.

Got the wired connection but can't access the wifi from the